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About Me

I’m an island girl.


I grew up on a rugged, wind-swept island in the middle of the North Atlantic. Newfoundland is known for its distinct culture, extreme weather, wonderful storytellers, musicians and quirky sense of humour.


For five years, I lived in the Canadian North, where I learned about skidoos, car battery warmers, the Northern Lights, and the long twilight days of summer.


For many years, I worked as an environmental scientist with secret dreams of being a writer, but in 2007 that all changed. My husband and I packed up our family and moved to the small island of Curaçao in the South Caribbean Sea for eleven years. There I had time to write, chauffeur my three amazing, talented kids around, and have sun-filled adventures with my wonderful friends. We returned to Newfoundland in 2018, but Curacao will always occupy a special place in our hearts!


In 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m fine now, but the experience taught me to appreciate my health, my family and my friends. I’ve learned to pay attention to the things that really matter.


I write about unlikely heroines, first loves, secrets, family tragedies and happy endings. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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