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Guest Posts

Since my debut book release, I've been fortunate enough to be feautured and interviewed on several amazing blogs. I've written on a number of topics, so if you're interested in finding out more about me and my writing journey, please feel free to check them out. Also if you are interested in a guest post or interview for your blog, please contact me:)

Writer's Digest: I was so pleased to be featured on their recurring "How I Got my Agent" column.  Thirteen years passed between the time I wrote my first novel and when I first published a novel. So if you are an aspiring author and you need some encouragement, check it out.

Teen Librarian Toolbox: I was so pleased to be offered a guest post for a special focus on mental health issues in YA literature:  #MHYALit. My post discusses the effects of suicide on those left behind, which is a major theme in THE SECRET TO LETTING GO. You can read more here and also check out other powerful posts by authors as part of #MHYALit.

Literary Lightbox: In this guest post, I shared my experience with breast cancer and how illness affected my creativity as a writer and how my online writing community supported me through this period. You can read more here

YA Books Central: If you're looking for something fun, check out five things most people don't know about me. Trust me, you will be surprised!

Fresh Fiction: For their Suspense Day, I wrote about what suspense means to me. If you are a Walking Dead fan, you should definitely check it out!

Literary Carrie: On my book birthday, I was interviewed by my agent, Carrie Pestritto, about various aspects of the publishing side of my book release. If you are a writer, Carrie has some great resources on her blog including a monthly query critique contest and her standing offer to answer your questions!

Lost in Lit: As part of the 2016 Debut Authors Bash organized by YA Read, I was asked if there was a reviewer that I'd like to work with. I'm a huge fan of Lost in Lit and their gorgeous Instagram photos, so I jumped at the chance to be interviewed by Lisa. You can check out that interview here

With Love For Books: I love this site and was so happy to be asked to write a post about my travels and how they have shaped my writing. Check it out here.

YA Squad: Loved being on this blog and talking about guilt and regret which are both major themes of THE SECRET TO LETTING GO. Thanks to Jus Accardo for having me on. You can read more about how these themes have influenced my own life by reading my post.

A Leisure Moment: Another fantastic book reviewer, Moriah, asked me some great questions about my debut book, questions that really made me think about my writing. You can find out more here

Will Bake For Books: I love Bekahs' site because it combines cookies and books - a perfect combination. So I was so excited to be interviewed by her and of course Clover's love of baking came up. You can read more here.

Itching For Books: Shane interviewed me as part of her "Behind The Pages" series, asking about my life in Curacao and my writing. You can find my answers here.

XBookWonderlandX: I love supporting young people who are passionate about their interests, so I was so happy when 16 yr old book blogger and writer, Rachel, sent 20 Q&A's my way. I was also invited back as a guest as part of her Special Feature Friday about writing. I gave several tips for writers who are just starting out, which you can read here.

Mama Read Hazel Sleeps: I was asked by blogger, Ashley, to write a guest post on gender roles in YA. I love that Ashley is trying to generate these types of important discussions. This was a post that mean a lot to me personally and talks about what I've learned about YA lit through my teenage daughter. I really hope you will check it out

The Phantom Photographer: Paula featured me in an Author Spotlight where I talked about why I set my debut YA in the Sunshine State. If you want to find out why, you'll need to read more.

The Salonniere's Apartments: I absolutely love the concept and everything else about this blog site, so was so excited when Marilyn contact me and asked if I'd do an interview. You can check it out here, but make sure you take some time and visit all the 'rooms' in her apartments! 

The Girl Who Read Too Much: Catia featured my guest post on the importance of family and finding your community and how Clover discovered the support she needed in unlikely places. You can read more here.

Downright Dystopian: My guest post for Krystianna was about why I write YA. You can find out the answer here.

Entangled Author Speed Round Questions: So if you really want a chuckle, you can check out this video where I answer 10 personal questions about my preferences (and reveal my belief in ghosts and Bigfoot)!

Hello-Booklover: Melissa asked me to list 10 things not known about my book. If you're interested in reading THE SECRET TO LETTING GO, you might want to check out this list and discover some little known facts:)

Connie's Blog: Fellow author, Connie Bretes, asked me about my writing process and inspiration for THE SECRET TO LETTING GO. Check out my interview and other great posts from Connie here.

Crazy Book Obsessions: Book reviewer, Amy, asked me some great questions about THE SECRET TO LETTING GO and also provided an awesome review of the book. You can find both here.

Cassandra M's Place: As part of my blog tour, I was invited on Cassandra's blog to talk about my writing process for THE SECRET TO LETTING GO. You can find out more here

Les Chroniques Aleatoires: I was so pleased to be interviewed about THE SECRET TO LETTING GO by Ash for this blog. Fair warning: this interview is in French

Love 'Em: I was asked by book blogger, Mahalia, to discuss how I developed Daniel and Clover in a three dimensional way and I loved talking about this aspect of the writing process. You can read the full post here. Thanks to Mahalia for inviting me on her site!

Girls *Heart* Books: A quick interview about me and THE SECRET TO LETTING GO. While you're there, check out all the other great book reviews and interviews.

The Book Beacon: Check out my list of the top eight books that have stuck with me (should have been ten, but I was being a rebel!).

Waterworld Mermaids: Thanks to my fellow Entangled author, Pintip Dunn, I was asked to write about something that was Quintessentially Me. Find out why I chose my fridge magnets!

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