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A Title...Finally

The working title for my debut novel was Crimson and Clover. I chose this title for a couple reasons. The main character's name is Clover, there's a mystery in her past, and if you were a teenager in the 80s like me, you probably remember Joan Jett & the Blackheart's cover of the song. What a great version!

When I signed the contract with Entangled, I knew the name of my book would change, but I didn't know how many possibilities we'd work through before finally settling on the right one.

As I said to my editor, it's not hard to come up with titles, but it's very hard to come up with the RIGHT title.

So after many months without a name (like my second child who never had a name until she was a day old), my book finally has a name.

And here it is...

Drum roll please...

Confetti guns...

The Secret to Letting Go

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